Children's Haven International

2009/11/14 – 2nd Annual Friendship Festival & Oct-Dec B-day Celebrations


Although this will just be our second year hosting our “Friendship Festival” we have very high expectations. Last year, over two hundred boys and girls had a ball trying their hand at our makeshift carnival booths. This year we wouldn’t be surprised if over 500 attend and so we need your help! 

We need as many folks as possible to develop, man and provide small prizes for our booths. Since we don’t want to have too many duplications and we will be providing transportation, you’ll have to register at our office by Oct. 30th. This will be a great opportunity to really interact with our Children and others from the surrounding community as well as a few other local orphanages. TEAMs from Fargo, ND, Wimberley, TX and even BC, Canada are already making plans to help us out, but we’d love to have our Child Sponsors and Winter Texan Amigos get in on the fun too.

If you can’t attend, but would still like to participate, please helping with the following items:

  • large bags of  candy
  • small prizes for all ages (2-18)
  • nail polish
  • cash to offset costs of rental equipment & food

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