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Having Doubts About Coming to RIN? Please Read…

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Upon request, Steve Friesen, the Pastor of our last group of the season, wrote a few lines about their most recent trip to the Home:

‘Amid all the reports of violence at the US-Mexico border, our church (Grace Community Church, in Newton, KS) recently enjoyed a tremendously blessed week at Children’s Haven children’s home in Reynosa. Our ‘Amigo Once’ family missions trip to CHI was our 11th consecutive venture, and just like the previous ones, this ministry excursion was a powerful and positive experience for the 29 of us (18 adults and 11 youth and children) who went.

Some of our first-time families had expressed their concerns about how safe it was to take a trip like this, given the wide-spread media reports of trouble with drug-related violence at the border. We definitely stayed in touch with the CHI staff regarding the conditions at the border, trusting their judgment of the situation. Not only did we get the green light from them, we also got the green light at the border, and saw no evidence of any kind of danger during our week in Mexico.

Not only did we NOT experience any problems with violence during our time in Mexico, we DID experience the blessing and favor of God on the work of our hands, our fellowship with the children and leaders at the home, and on our own group’s interaction.

God is doing great things at CHI, and we returned to the US convinced that His hand is on this ministry. Our encouragement to others who are planning to go down, or considering a ministry trip to CHI, is to proceed in faith. You will be blessed! Lord-willing, next year, we plan to go down again for our 12th trip.’

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