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Meet the Alvarez Boys

alvarezBecause Juan, Dan, Pablo & Miguel are so well adjusted, it’s been hard for our visitors to believe  that they’ve only been at the Home for a few months!

It was just this  March that Mrs. Alvarez was brought to the Home by a local pastor. She  broke down in tears immediately, as she  began to tell us her story, that of a a modern Mary Magdalene.

          Now, seeking to live a life that would please God, she des pertly needed a secure place to leave her 4 young sons ages four to twelve.  It was evident how ashamed she was, over the life she had been living and the ungodly things her sons had witnessed. 

C.H.I. intersection of sadness & gratitude

You could tell that her heart was torn over the thought of being separated from her boys; but at the same time, she was so profoundly grateful to know a Home like ours existed; and  that she could take some time to get back on the right path.

Today, to merely say the boys are doing well, would be an under-statement; thriving is more like it! Juan is the  classic, slightly over protective, older brother; Dan is Mr. Personality; Pablo is the comedian and Miguelito is our little sweetheart. 

Thank you friends, for allowing this story to be told,

without you, our faithful supporters it wouldn’t be possible!

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