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2008-06-26 – RIN Class of 2008

class of 2008June 26th 2008 was a very special day for our entire RIN family; as we joyfully celebrated the academic achievements of  11 of our children!

Eliu Felix & Juan Almaguer (Mid. back row) successfully completed their Elementary studies, Daniel Rosas (Rt. Back) finished Jr. High, 7 little ones will be moving on to first grade (4 are pictured in the front row) and Julio Cesar Ibarra Vazquez  (Back left) finished High School.

We decided that since education is such an important part of CHI’s ministry, this would be the perfect opportunity to get the whole Home together, have a nice dinner (courtesy of Rejoice-our visiting TEAM)and listen to a few words of encouragement from Julio, our guest of honor. Wow, what a message! Here’s a portion of it:

“I didn’t have the blessing of being born into a Christian Home, nor of choosing my biological family, but I decided to love them. I wasn’t able to decide to be born rich or poor, but I decided to make my life worth more than money. It wasn’t my decision to be raised in a Children’s Home but I decided to take advantage of  the opportunities given me. There were many things I wasn’t allowed to decide about. But I decided to make the best out of each one of them.

I decided to study, to learn something new every day. To find value in the experiences of others and learn from them. Like from the Americans, the house parents and my brothers & sisters in Christ. I’ve made lasting friendships that I could have never imagined.  And I believe this makes me have a truly great family. I believe I’ve had more blessing than failures. I believe I am fortunate to have been at this place. To have lived with the people I have.

I’ve received more than I deserve, I’ve had even more than I had wished for. For which I can now, only say THANKS! Thanks to all those who make a Home like this possible.

Thanks for allowing me to have made the most important decision of my life: The one for Christ! .                             – Julio Cesar Ibarra Vázquez

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