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Rosas – Mercado: Uriel, Daniel & Josue

107_0419In 1999, 3 brothers ages 9, 6 and 4 entered the Home due to their difficult family situation. This is the story of Uriel, Daniel and Josue Rosas Mercado.

Their mother had committed a very serious crime and was in prison with a sentence of 30 years. At first,they were cared for by the ladyís friends, but later they were taken to a Home in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and went to visit her every 15 days. When she was transferred to Reynosa, Tamaulipas – the boys were brought to live in the prison with her.

The female custodians saw that the children needed things that this place could not give, a good home, education, proper nutrition. After visiting several Homes, they came to Refugio International de Ninos. Upon learning about their case, Randall & Betsy Chacon – the Directors at that time, immediately went to prison to meet with the lady. . Knowing that her children would have a safe place to sleep, good food and education; she agreed to let her sons go to live at the Home. As time passed, she saw how well the children were progressing and asked Brother Russell Roach, the new Director, to help bring her other 2 daughters from the state of Guerrero to the Haven.

107_0399A few years later, in 2006, their mother was granted her freedom because of good behavior. Immediately she came to get her children. Uriel and Stephanie, decided they wanted to seize the opportunity they’d been given to study. So she took the 3 youngest – Daniel, Josue and Laura to live with her.

After a year passed, she found it was very difficult to find a good job and did not have enough money to feed children, much less send them to school. Lulu was the Director by then, and once again opened the doors to the Home.

Now, 10 years later, Laura and Stephanie live with their mother, while Uriel, Josue and Daniel, still call Children’s Haven Home.

(Article written by Uriel)

11-24-2008-062These fine young men have managed to value the opportunities given to them. They all have excellent grades in school. Uriel, the oldest, will graduate from High School this year and with support from folks like you he hopes to go on to college, to be an Industrial / Systems Engineer. “Being at RIN is a blessing because itís given me the opportunity to grow healthily, have a good education, make friends & see life differently. Here I learned of the love of God and it makes me realize that despite my familyís situation, I am special and that God has a plan for me.”

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